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The Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) is an independent non-profit based in New York City and the only organization in the world focused on the immense linguistic diversity of urban areas. Many of the New York area’s estimated 800 languages are highly endangered; for many, New York is a major center. ELA documents and describes underdescribed and endangered languages, educating a larger public and collaborating with communities.

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A New Language Map of Queens!

October 18, 2016

We’re thrilled to release “Mother Tongues and Queens” — a language map of the world’s languages capital! The map shows NYC’s linguistic diversity in more detail than ever before, reflecting ELA’s work over the la...READ MORE

Breton-Garifuna Musical Magic

September 30, 2016

ELA helped bring together Breton and Garifuna musicians for a unique collaboration — the Breizh Amerika Collective album “Asambles. Uwarani. Together” is the result. Trust us, you’ve never heard anything like it. Donate $25 or mor...READ MORE

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