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The Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) is an independent non-profit based in New York City and the only organization in the world focused on the immense linguistic diversity of urban areas. Many of the New York area’s estimated 800 languages are highly endangered; for many, New York is a major center.¬†ELA documents and describes underdescribed and endangered languages, educating a larger public and collaborating with communities.

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Help alleviate poverty in rural Botswana

November 27, 2018

Remote rural communities in Botswana are among the poorest areas in the country. We request funding to help pay for daily necessities such as food and clothing, and to help provide financial support to young people who wish to pursue …...READ MORE

Upcoming Events

October 4, 2018

Starting October 15, ELA will be hosting weekly introductory Quechua classes from our old friends New York Quechua Collective, 7 to 9 pm every Monday at ELA’s office in Manhattan. Sign up here! On October 19 the American Museum o...READ MORE

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