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Lunaape, the indigenous language of NYC

Lunaape Class - May Lunaape Class

New York City may be the most linguistically diverse place in the world, but that diversity began with Lunaape (also called Lenape or Delaware), a Native American language of the Algonquian family. Today, Lunaape is still spoken, and is actively being revitalized, in Moraviantown and Munsee, in Canada.

ELA is honored to host monthly classes, every third Friday of the month, taught by Karen Hunter, who has been teaching and revitalizing her language for over a decade. It may mark the first time in 300 years that the language has been taught in the traditional part of Lunaape-speaking territory that includes NYC.

The next class is Friday, June 16, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Classes are free and require no previous experience. All are welcome — please drop us a quick email to let us know you’re coming!

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